Jan 01

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

Another year gone.  Many many projects accomplished and many still left on the floor.  I always want to do twice as much, but just run out of time.  I am pretty proud what I was able to fit in amongst my day job and family without compromising either too much.   This New Year’s Eve I’m taking a real quick look back.

I started early in the year sculpting a few new “Custom Crazies” including the Half Corpse Zombie from Return of the Living Dead, Chet from Weird Science (Which would be released later in the year) and a new version of my Critters lineup.


I also started to sell t-shirts.  Some were of older designs I had previously featured on bumper stickers and some were new designs.  I made a few with my past and present logos as well.  (At least my dad bought one. haha)  In 2016 I’ll be revamping the t-shirt line and I’m working on a tip from an artist buddy that will lead me to a printer that can bring the prices down.


During that time I was also getting ready for Motor City Nightmares in the spring.


The show went pretty well even though we were stuck in a separate room off the hall with a few other disgruntled vendors.  While there I was approached by Dee Wallace to make some figures for her to have on her table at appearances.  Being a huge Dee Wallace fan myself, I put everything else on hold and made some new bases for my Cujo and Critter figures so that they would be easier to sign.  That was a fun one. I love her


Next, I jumped into a summer sale including the Chet presale.  Phew!  I don’t take breaks.


As soon as I shipped all that stuff out, It was time for a really bizarre direction.  Eventhough I had never picked up a chainsaw before, I decided to enter a week-long chainsaw competition.  I was ready for a new challenge.  That’s me in yellow on top of that incredibly large tree.  Somehow,  I won the competition.  Shocked and extremely proud.


The next day, I got to work on all the Chet orders…


Next up?  I went right in to getting inventory ready for one of my favorite conventions around – HorrorHound Weekend in Indy!!!  Good times had by all.   New items and magnets like the Split-Dog, Stuff, Friday the 13th sign, Handbook for the Recently Deceased, Creepshow book, etc…


I did a free raffle giveaway of a one-of-a-kind 18″  They Live custom (That I was sad to give away)


There I was approached by Amoktime toys which is one of the largest and best toy stores in New York to make some Karbonite Killers for them to feature.  Of course, I did it!  I love AmokTime


When I finished that?  Another Sale!!!


Finally, a break!  Not really.  I started putting together and building my son’s Halloween costume.  It’s kind of a tradition.  Not a lot of child size DeathStroke costumes


Meanwhile, I started to sculpt the secret, exclusive Homemade Horror/Freddy In Space Christmas ornament.  Thanks go again to Freddy In Space’s John Squires for his partnership on this for the 3rd year.  Also, thanks to everyone who shared the post and/or your pics of the ornaments on your trees or shelves.  It means so much to me to see those.  I can’t express.


During that sale, I was Casting/Painting and Finishing up as many ornaments as I could for the second Xmas sale.  Sorry about the limited runs.  As you can see, I was pretty busy.


This wasn’t all of them, but that’s a lot of ornaments going to the Post Office.


You guys kicked my ass this year and I love and appreciate you all for it.  I know I didn’t get to everything I said I would or wanted to do, but I hope you can see how much I really did push to get out to you all.  It was an amazing and busy 2015 for Homemade Horror.  I feel so humbled to have you all supporting my work and continually communicating with me through my Facebook pages.

I have so many more plans for 2016 including new/old figures, magnets, shirts, collectables and collaborations with other artists and companies.  I’m not sure how many conventions I’ll get to this year, but It’s looking like I may be able to be at HorrorHound Weekend in Cincy for “Friday ONLY.”  More to come on that.  If I can get to half of what I have in my head than I will be happy.

For your continued interest, here’s a sneak peek at something that was supposed to be ready for Christmas but I just couldn’t give it the time it needed. It will now be a Custom Crazy for a 2016 release.  Better photos and specs will be put out over the next month or so on Homemade Horror’s Facebook page.  Check back often!




Sincere Thanks!


Gabe LaPeer




Oct 30



This year’s exclusive Homemade Horror Xmas ornament is once again brought to you by John Squires over at Freddy In Space and created by yours truly.  I decided to choose one of my all-time favorite scenes from one of my all-time favorite movies made by one of my all-time favorite directors.  John Carpenter’s The Thing is one of those rare movies and even rarer “remakes”  that I can watch over and over.  It is a disgustingly gorgeous piece of art created by the partnership between masters of their craft John Carpenter, Dean Cundey, FX genius Rob Bottin and a group of wickedly talented character actors.


One of the biggest scares in the movie comes courtesy of David Clennon’s character Palmer during the “blood-test” scene.  When Palmer’s blood screams and leaps out at Kurt Russell’S MacReady, it makes you jump out of your skin.  What better moment to recreate as a holiday ornament?


The ornament itself stands about 5″ tall and weighs about 5 1/2 ounces.  It is primarily made of red resin and painted with an acrylic wash.  To hang in your tree it comes with an eye hook and red thread attached or you can remove the hook and it becomes a piece to put on your shelf all year long!

Join us Friday, November 6th starting at 10 am EST for the 3rd annual 24 hour sale!   THIS IS A PRESALE and will be your only chance to get this awesome piece.  The ornaments I hope to ship out the first weekend of December so you have plenty of time to enjoy it on your tree.  I’ll keep updates posted over at the HH Facebook Page in case anything comes up like they are early or running a tad late.  We’ll add links closer to the sale to where you can go and get yours at various sites like the Homemade Horror/Freddy In Space Facebook Pages and Twitters.  The official buy site will not be the usual Homemade Horror storenvy page, but the Freddy in Space storenvy page like the last 2 years.  Make sure to give the Freddy in Space pages a “Like”

Here are the links:




Also, STAY TUNED for the next Homemade Horror ornaments sale details coming shortly after.


Happy Holidays!

Gabe LaPeer


PS-  I apologize to the people that post or try to contact me on this page.  I always miss it.  Try contacting me over at the Facebook page.


May 11


GOT A BURNING FOR SOME HOMEMADE HORROR?  How about some Karbonites? Or maybe you’ve been waiting for magnets… Well, the time has come once again!  It’s time for Homemade Horror’s Summer Sale.  Tell your friends!!  Most of you know by now that this can be a rare occurrence.  :)

I wanted to write up a little intro to explain some details of this particular sale.  I hope I answer some questions.  I’m doing things a little different based on feedback.  I figured I’d do a “pre-sale” on many of the items up on the site.   Some of the older items will have a limit.  The new figures will not.  Some of you don’t get a chance to get figures because the limited quantities sell out fast.  I’m also bringing back the entire Killer Karbonites line for a one-time sale for 2015.  (Unless you catch up with me at a convention.)  

First up are the 3 new Custom Crazies figures.   Up for sale will be the new Critter (Regular or Bloody) , the Half-Corpse Zombie from Return of the Living Dead and Chet from Weird Science.  (See previous posts for Critters and Half-Corpse)
Some of these are available right now, but when those sell out, the rest of the orders will go on made-to-order basis.  Same deal for the Killer Karbonites.  I’ll fulfill purchases  in the order I get them, but you won’t  receive your complete package until all your figures/items are complete.  (Even if half your order is ready.)  The plan is to finish up everything by the end of July so I can start getting ready for Mask-Fest/HorrorHound Weekend in Indy.  I know it may seem long, but it’s going to be a busy summer and I also want to give everybody a chance to get what they want.  If you don’t see what you were waiting for just message me.  It’ll probably come along later in the year.   I’ll update over on the Facebook page as often as I can and emails will go out when things are shipped.
The next sale will probably be the Christmas sale and Exclusive ornaments.  Not sure what figures if any will be available.  
Also, this time around is a brand-new direction from me.  I’ve wanted to do t-shirts for awhile and finally it’s happened.  I’ve taken my logo, some of my older sticker designs,  some new designs and got the ball rolling.  Check out the new stuff and let me know what you think. 
 I’m really excited about this sale and the new Crazies.  I hope you all are too.  Hope to do more by the end of the year.  Fingers Crossed.
Thanks!!  See Ya Thursday!

May 09


Homemade Horror is incorporating t-shirts into the mix.  Now you can wear your support for this crazy little company!
Coming very soon to HomemadeHorror.storenvy.com I’ll be putting up a few different designs based on HH’s logos and some of the old sticker designs I’ve been selling at cons for a few years.
Why now you ask?
First off,  I have been wanting to simply provide something that you all could get “year-round” and in-between waiting on my sales and cons.  I get that waiting can get really old.  
Secondly, It’s been important to me to create Homemade Horror as a “brand.”  It’s been the goal from the beginning and I appreciate all of your help in making that begin to happen.
Before I ever started sculpting I was sketching and the idea was to start a t-shirt business.  Custom Crazies and Homemade Horror happened instead.  Now years later, I’ve researched different online companies and t-shirt screen printers to see what would work within my busy schedule and now I feel like I can get this rolling with the help of a “Print-On-Demand” t-shirt company called Print Aura.  Print Aura is a fulfillment company that works in direct association with Storenvy.  You place an order and it ships directly to you from them and not me.  They use DTG (Direct To Garment) printing on numerous styles and brands of shirts.  I’ve chosen to go with an industry standard American Apparel brand shirts to start. I’ll begin by selling Men and Women’s style cuts with numerous colors and designs. (Mostly black for you horror fans!)  Make sure you check them all out and please let me know any feedback if you place an order.  I’m new to this.  If you have any issues, please get with me right away.
Thanks to all of you for the continuous support!!
Gabe LaPeer

Apr 14


 April 24th – 26th marks Homemade Horror’s return to the convention scene in almost two years with my appearance at MotorCity Nightmares in Novi, Michigan.




2014 was the year of the online sales experiment and it left ZERO time for convention inventory.  Which, let’s face it… is not a bad problem to have.  I’m extremely grateful for everyone that was a part of my best year yet.  With that being said, I love going to cons and I love meeting people face-to-face.  I love my convention “family” of misfits and it has been too long since  I’ve seen so many of you.

MotorCity Nightmares also marks the first appearance of a couple of new items from Homemade Horror’s Custom Crazies series.  First up is a variant on an old favorite –  Critters (version 3).  It is an updated sculpt, a new paint scheme and a smaller “nest” base.  There will also be a variant of this variant.  Confusing?  Nah.  It’s just a BLOODY version for you sickos!
Second up, is the Half-Corpse zombie from the fan-favorite / cult-classic Return of the Living Dead.  
“I can feel myself rot.”
“Eating brains… How does that make you feel better?”
“It makes the pain go away”
Made of resin and painted in acrylics, the Half Corpse zombie stands approximately 8″ tall.  She’s attached with parachute cord to a wood base.  A cardboard stand is attached to the back for easy display.  Check out these figures plus a multitude of magnets and Killer Karbonites at the end of the month during MotorCity Nightmares!
Check out the Facebook page (Link up top) in early May if you can’t make the show for updates on a sale for these figures and more.  
Coming Soon… updates and prototype pics of Chet from Weird Science.
Gabe LaPeer
Homemade Horror

Nov 07

Ornament Sale Closing In!!

It’s that time when we are all suffering from the post-Halloween blues.  Today at work I saw a box labeled Halloween bulbs.  I said, ” What the hell are we still shipping out Halloween stuff for?”  I looked again and realized it said Halogen.  First of my withdrawal symptoms to manifest.  Luckily, for most of us we live Halloween everyday of our lives.  Why can’t that continue through Christmas?

The stores are pushing out costumes and candy just to fill them with Christmas trees and ornaments!  It seems like it comes sooner and sooner each year.  Well, fear not!  I have a cure for your post Halloween depression and the cure for the lack-of-horror in your Christmas.  A holiday “Horr”nament if you will?  No.  That sucks.  I tried.  Anyways, here is the first reveal of Homemade Horror’s 2014 exclusive ornament release in collaboration with Freddy-In-Space.



To many of you, this ornament should not need an introduction.  To you others, all I have to say is “More Braaiiins!”  This is an homage to one of my favorite eighties zombie classics, The Return of the Living Dead.  In this pivotal scene, the zombie plague is released on the world and unsuspecting punks by two dimwits with good intentions and a whole lot of bad luck.

The ornament was sculpted in Super Sculpey, molded in silicone and cast in 2-part resin.  Tarman is painted in acrylics and sealed.  The window is thick Lexan.  Each is 3 3/4″ tall with a bronze loop for hanging on your tree.

New this year, I’ve also decided on a sculpted resin base that resembled an oozing puddle of black tar. Twist of the bronze loop and set Tarman on his base for year-round display.  How can you lose?   You can’t!!!  Just add an extra measly $5 to your order.

Also, works great for those of you that don’t celebrate the holiday!!

On November 14th at 10am EST the ornaments will go on sale for 24 hours over at FreddyInSpace.Storenvy.Com.   The ornaments are a cheap $20 each plus Shipping and Handling. Each ornament will be made to order and ship to you in early December in time for the Holiday.

Thanks again from John Squires over at Freddy-In-Space and myself here at Homemade Horror for all your support and have a great Holiday!!!



Sep 08

Homemade Horror Summer Sale!!


I Know What Homemade Horror Did This Summer!  I painted.  A lot.  And now it is finally time to have the Homemade Horror END OF SUMMER SALE..sale..sale.. sale (Echo)  It’s that epic.  It will be the biggest sale of Custom Crazy figures I’ve ever had.


Old favorites have returned including Baby Selwyn from Dead Alive, Belial from BasketCase, Torok the Troll and Maniac Cop.  Most at cheaper prices even!!!  All are still at limited quantities and when sold out they may NEVER come back.  Fair warning!

And introducing for the first time is Homemade Horror’s newest addition….CUJO!  Get it during this sale for the first time anywhere.

Sale starts this Friday, September 12th at 5pm EST and runs through the weekend until Monday the 15th at noon.


Any additional questions feel free to ask me at Glapeer126@aol.com or over on the Homemade Horror Facebook page –  Gabe

Jul 14

CUJO: The Action Figure?


 No…  It isn’t a Sand Lot or Beethoven figure.  Sorry to disappoint some of you.  :)
Cujo was released in 1983 based on the book of the same name by horror master, Stephen King in 1981.  The film was directed by Lewis Teague and stars the amazing Dee Wallace, Danny Pintauro and Daniel Hugh Kelly.  For the few of you that don’t know, Cujo is the story of a 200 lb St. Bernard that goes rabid after getting bitten by an infected bat and terrorizes an unsuspecting Donna Trenton and her young son Tad. 
The film Cujo is one of my personal favorite Stephen King adaptations.  That is in no small part to a fantastic and emotional performance by Dee Wallace and Danny Pintauro.  A Cujo figure/statue might not be one that springs to mind right away, but I wanted to do something different.  I’m a huge fan of Animals/Creatures-run-amok flicks.  Cujo stands next to Jaws as one of the best animal attack films in my opinion.  He’s a Horror icon in his own right and there really isn’t much in the way to celebrate that.  Like many of my figures, there isn’t a lot of merchandise hanging around out there beyond posters and the occasional shirt.  I felt it was time..
Another in the line of Homemade Horror’s Custom Crazies, Cujo the figure will be released in late Summer/Fall of 2014.  It will be extremely limited.  Cujo stands 4 3/4″ tall with base.  He is 5″ long and his base is 6″ by 3″ wide.  The base and head were sculpted in Super Sculpey, cast in resin and painted in acrylics.  Cujo’s body is a re-purposed Safari Ltd animal figure. 
Coming soon…
Gabe LaPeer
Homemade Horror

Jun 19

New Karbonite Killer – Pinhead

The Cenobite trapped in Carbonite!

Hellraiser’s Pinhead is the sixth and final piece in the Karbonite Killers series.  He joins Michael, Jason, Freddy, Leatherface and Ash.

Each piece has 49 hand-cut, drilled and hammered in pins.  Karbonite Killers from Homemade Horror are custom-made sculptures designed for the Star Wars and Horror fan.  Pinhead is cast in resin and measures approximately 6.25″ x 13″ x 3″ thick.  Each is around 2 lbs, sturdy and equipped with a Command Strip for easy hanging anywhere.  The Karbonites are limited, though not numbered and come signed by the artist on the back.


Check the online store link or Facebook for availability.


PinCloseFront PinFrontSmall

Apr 07

Online Sale This Week! Win Prizes!


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